Forge axe



I left the old smithy, because I do not want to stop at one thing, I want to be the best in my business, so I needed to develop in another workshop.

Again, my acquaintances told me where I can get a job. It was on the other side of the city and it was not convenient to go there, but what can not you do for the sake of skill?

The most important blacksmith immediately was glad to see me, especially when he saw my portfolio, by the way it was then as banal pictures of my works in the old workshop, but he liked it. He also liked the ax, which he wanted me to copy (the one you see), since he already had a client who wanted to hang something on the wall in the house from the Middle Ages. Again, I started with a sketch, the ax itself was first drawn, later it was forged. Close to the ancient technologies was a mold, after polished, hardened and polished. Then work began on the handle for this ax and balance (apple), so that the ax was not unbalanced in the hand.

As a result, the ax liked the customer so much that he left the next day after manufacturing for a very high sum, how much gold cost then. The weight of this object was as much as 12 kilograms, but in his hand lay as if poured into it. It was heavy, but comfortable!

P.S. The ax was painted black, as if it had just been dug from the battlefield. A shield was also made to the ax, but I did not do it anymore, it was the most important master.



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