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Birth of jewelry Alinan Taito Oy

Birth of jewelry Alinan Taito Oy begins from an idea that attentive masters of our company draw from nature. The same idea for lace in a noble metal can suggest stones that need a decent frame.

Then the author moves the idea to paper – in a sketch. The drawing can change several times until it becomes interesting and worthy of attention.

After the embodiment of the idea in the sketch, the fairy tale comes to life, because silver, in the skillful hands of the master, comes to life, sings, exhibits the flexibility and plasticity inherent in noble metal. The stone opens, demonstrating all the beauty created by nature and imprinted in it.

The master’s task is to hear the song of silver and uncover the stone, so that the lucky owner of the jewelry Alinan Taito Oy is personally convinced that miracles are real and embodied in the products of Alinan Taito Oy.

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